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History of the Irvington Village Improvement Association

According to Irvington's local newspaper, the Virginia Citizen, the Village Improvement Association was originally organized on Saturday evening, June 10, 1905. Dr. G. H. Oliver was elected president; Dr. L. M. Irving and J. W. Hayden, vice presidents; Miss Annie Long, treasurer; and Herman Smith, secretary. (Virginia Citizen, Volume 14, Number 37, 16 June 1905)

Through the years, the interests and events sponsored by the VIA were carried by the Virginia Citizen. Eventually, local and world events took their toll on the activities organized by the VIA. Over time, the VIA all but dissolved .... but not entirely. The Village of Irvington has always been a haven for energetic volunteers, interested in making their community a better place to live and thrive.

In 1995, the VIA reorganized more enthusiastically than ever and continues today. As always, the mission of the VIA is to serve as a community catalyst to deliver a higher quality of life for the Town of Irvington and to highlight the town to the people of the surrounding area.